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Anubis Abyssinians

More about Anubis Abys


My cats and I

I've been breeding and showing ruddy & red Abyssinians since 1974.  Many of my cats have had great success at the shows; culminating in "Envy's" fantastic show season.

While I have many friends who raise dilute Abys, I breed only ruddy & red 380s.  I do so on a very small scale and my cats are raised to be loving pets as well as successful show cats.  Over the years, I have attempted to select for good health, loving personalities, and physical traits I find desirable in the Abyssinian breed.  I am proud to say that my cats have a distinctive look that emphasizes athletic bodies, defined head contours, and dramatic eyes and facial markings.  My cats are known for their excellent color and style.

The photo above is Envy's red grandson, Taz Mania, and I at the 2012 CFA World Show, where Taz took a Best AB Cat win.  Taz is a phenomenal red and was the first cat to go from Open to Grand in one show.  Sure, it was perhaps a technical win, but he did it while competing against his brother Lew Zealand who had just finished a CFA Regional Win!

On the next few pages, you'll meet the rest of my cat family, including my girls and some of the younger family members.

I just Granded party!

"Envy" attains his Grand Championsip!

Here we are with judge Sharon McKeehon-Bounds at the Platinum Coast show in Tampa in July 2004.  This was the show where "Envy" completed his Grand @ just 8 months of age.

Fast Facts
The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of cats.
Abys are the fifth most popular breed.
The Abyssinian gene pool originated in the Bay of Bengal and the cats probably made their way to Africa via the ancient trade routes.
While we can't prove Abys were the very cat worshipped by the Egyptians; they certainly do resemble the statues and they certainly consider themselves to be little cat gods.

Number One Son


GC, RW Anubis Chip Ahoy of Whiteweb
"Envy's" first son & first Grand Champion