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Anubis Abyssinians

Super Stars

Here are some of our other stars:


GP Anubis Daniel D'Lion ("Dan-O") is a CFA Grand Premier.  He was also shown extensively in the Canadian Cat Fanciers' Association and was Best All-Canadian Alter for the 1998-1999 show season.  He has since retired and lives in the lap of luxury with a friend in Littleton, Mass.


GC, RW Anubis Chip Ahoy of Whiteweb
"Envy's" # 1 son; Chip was 18th Best Kitten and 2nd Best Championship Aby in the NAR for 2005-2006.  He is now retired and living on Cape Cod.


Anubis Gwend'l is a repeat breeding of "Dan-O."  Gwend'l was Best All-Canadian Alter two years after his older brother, "Dan-O."  Their younger brother "P'nut" was 2nd Best All-Canadian Cat that same year.  Gwend'l lives in Toronto while P'nut was altered and stayed with with me.
All three of the boys were the result of breeding GC Sarabi Incognitto of Anubis, CNW, and GC Anubis Queenie D'Nile, CNW, EM (Elite Merit, which is the CCA equivalent of a CFA DM).

Outstanding ruddies & reds since 1974