Anubis Abyssinians

The Girls (Les Femmes)

Here are my girls and a little bit of information about each one.

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GC Anubis Kuki Airani "Ginger"
In her first litter, Ginger produced a handsome red son, Anubis Fire of Instincts, who picked up 199 points in his first (6 ring) show.  He went on to be 2nd Best Aby in the NAR with extremely limited showing.
Manon Lecuyer & I hope to be able to show the red boy from Ginger's second litter in the Premiership class.  He's as good looking as his older brother.

My friends & I have retiring show cats and breeders available from time to time.  Abys remain kittens at heart for many years.  Please contact us if you are looking for a "slightly used" Aby friend.  You'll be glad you did!


Ch Etochat Tiger Lili of Anubis
CFF Best Kitten 2011-2012

"Lili" has replaced "Peepers" as queen bee and she now runs the place with a tiny iron paw.

Unlike "Peepers" however, "Lili" only tolerated being shown as a kitten and she is now waiting for spring and true love.  Hopefully, her babies will be as pretty as she is but will enjoy the shows a bit more!

"Lili" has recently  made a comeback to the CFF shows.  She was the highest scoring cat in Championship at the UMCCA show in Sanford, ME in mid-November.

Unfortunately, she has not produced any offspring yet.  I am thinking she might be a little bit like Elizabeth I.


Anubis Pascale as a tiny baby.

Pascale was the only daughter of GC Anubis Sweet P' who was a direct descendant from my GC, RW Byblos D'Nile, DM daughter, GC Anubis Queenie D'Nile, (CCA EM).


Sweet P' kissing Baby Pascale


GC Anubis Sweet P'

Sweet P' was a show stopper in both CFA & CFF (where she was Kitten of the Year)!