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Anubis Abyssinians

Here is a quick peek at some of our past litters!

Is there a kitten here for you...maybe me?


Sadly, my beautiful Tina Idol died during spay surgery in November of 2009.  I had hoped she'd have a happy retirement.  Since she was never shown, only I shall really know what a beautiful soul she was.  I am bereft.
Tina was a wonderful mom who never stopped loving her babies.  As you can see below, she was happiest when she had kittens.
Like Envy and Sally 4th, Tina lives on in my heart.



On a much happier note, here's a photo of the all red, all Grand Champion August 2010 litter.  Their Grands helped my incomparable "Peepers" achieve her DM.
Here's baby Taz below.



The pretty Envy x Pascale girl shown above was placed in a wonderful pet home where her mom lives also.

Tina's first litter son, "Ike" below.



Please feel free to contact me about our waiting list.  Even if we don't have the kitten for you, I'll be happy to answer questions or to refer you to a friend who may.
Although I don't breed dilutes, I have many good friends who do; so, if you are looking for a blue or a fawn, I'll also be happy to help you locate someone who may have the right kitten for you.


The mighty hunter (Milo as a baby above) brings down his prey!

Colorbred reds & ruddies for over 35 years